Players from abroad

Welcome at Utrechtse Rugby Club

Did you play abroad before you want to come and play at URC, or do you not have the Dutch nationality?
Then you need approval (clearance) from the association from the country where you last played. Or if you have never played, or have been registered with a club, from the association of your country of origin.
To get clearance you need to request a statement from your old club and association using the form below. If you have never been registered with a club, only the association of the country of origin has to confirm this.

What you need to do is:

  • Download the clearance form and fill it in.
  • Send it to the union of the club you most recently played for. You can find here the e-mail adress of the union.
  • If the union accepts your clearance they will send it back to you. You have to send the clearance to the Dutch Union(, who can then process your clearance.
  • Once this is done (and you paid your club fee) you’re good to play.
  • Next to arranging your clearance, you of course also need to become a member at our club: register here. Note: before you are officially registered, you need to pay the club fee.

For further questions, you can contact your Team Manager. Check the team page to see who your team manager is.